Ethereal Audio


ethereal audio international pres.

written and performed by Henry Onyebuchi & Friends
under the moniker H.O.C.



Impulse EP

12” vinyl record, digital album, individual audible specimen

EAI003 1/1 Physical Gold Record Vinyl shall be available in all major future-media marketplaces, including but not limited to: OpenSea, Mintbase, and Rarible, on or before the date of the release (28/01/2022). In addition, digital individual audible specimens of the release will be available on the Tezos blockchain as part of our Web3 expansion.

✨distribution: RareCandy3D

Mastering: Cuts on Wax
Lathe Cut: Cuts on Wax
Distribution: RareCandy3D
Artwork: Mikeage
Product Design: 530 Degrees

Producers/Mix Engineers: Reverb Studio, Oluwafemi Akinyode, Goodzbumps band, Justice Adigho, Emmanuel Edozie, Milly X

Artists/Backup: Fredor, Mariam Ojochenemi Haruna, Oluwafemi Akinyode

Editions: 1 x 12” vinyl record, 10 x Digital Album, 100 x Individual Audible Specimen x 6 (one NFT per track) Rarity: Gold
EAI003 | H.O.C.

  • A1 Fear
  • A2 Keep Your Head Up
  • A3 Mr. Niger D.
  • A4 Lies
  • B1 Non-Stop
  • B2 Pedigree ft. Fredor
  • B3 The Blow Up

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