Ethereal Audio


ethereal audio international pres.

written and performed by Slava Gubarev
under the moniker Vyach



Electrophilic Substitutions

12” vinyl record, digital album, individual audible specimen

EAI002 shall be available in all major future-media marketplaces, including but not limited to: OpenSea, Mintbase, Rarible, and Cargo, on or before the date of the release (27/10/2021), although we’re exclusively accepting offers on Rarible for the time being.

✨distribution: RareCandy3D

Mastering: Cuts on Wax
Lathe Cut: Cuts on Wax
Distribution: RareCandy3D
Artwork: A5t / Apostolos Stephanis
Product Design: 530 Degrees

Editions: 10 x 12” vinyl record, 100 x Digital Album, 1000 x Individual Audible Specimen x 4 (one NFT per track) Rarity: Transparent Green
EAI002 | Vyach
Electrophilic Substitutions

Soundcloud, Audius

Exclusively available on Rarible!

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